Acquisition of a market leader in the sector of crane attachments by a Private Equity Investor. The owner sold as there was no successor within the family. Sales € 30 mio

Carve out of the division control systems for machine tools for a market leader in this sector.
Turnover € 35 mio

Divestment of a family owned import business of fine wools to an italian textile group.
Turnover € 50 Mio

Privatisation of a public company owned by one of the German states in the sector of microelectronics. We identified the investor and advised in the transaction.

Acquisition of the manufacturer of torque and linear motors in Switzerland. We advised the investor.
Turnover CHF 25 mio

Acquisition of a group of machine tool companies for a North American Group. We advised the investor.
Turnover € 500 mio

Sale of an IT systems house to an industrial group in the Netherlands. Many addon acquisitions of IT specialists.
Turnover € 200 mio

Strategic Sales for the manufacturer of tape layers for the production of carbon fibre components or airoplanes. We identified the market leader in the sector of windmills and established a long term Strategic Partnership to develop the production technology of the next generation.